Christmas 2016


In our family we always make a big fuss about the Christmas tree.

It is my elder daughter who enjoys choosing and decorating the tree with me while the younger one and my husband enjoy it once it is done.

This year we followed the same ritual. A fine Fraser fir was bought in a local garden centre we always go to. The Fraser fir is dense with short needles and an amazing fragrance that lasts for almost a month.

In the same way I would when creating an interior scheme, we choose a theme. Last year was Woodland ; with forest animals, several Santas, mushrooms and a lot. This year we went for a more elegant theme: the Old Palace. So the colour scheme was old golds and frosty whites;vibrant and pale pinks, like old silks and lost jewels; warm bronzes for rusty metals and copper pans; clear glass reminiscent of large windows and ice.

It is not all about the tree either. While hanging the baubles,we create a warm, homely atmosphere listening to Christmas songs and drinking mulled wine. Often, when we unwrap one of the ornaments, there is a sigh of joy and surprise as we rediscover a forgotten treasure.

And that is one day in early December every year; as long as we enjoy doing it .

I hope this can inspire some of you to create an experience that you will fondly remember and think of it as a joy rather than yet another chore you have to do at Christmas.

And if you think you need help, I am never bored with decorating.

May you all have a very happy holiday.


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