The Magic of Christmas

It’s that time of year again when we push aside everything else that is happening in the world, good or bad, and throw ourselves into the frenzy of Christmas.

Christmas is mostly a happy time in our home as preparation for it is almost more exciting than the day itself, and the Christmas tree decorating is a particularly important part of this.

The job of decorating the tree is one that my elder daughter and I enjoy very much. It seems our design backgrounds influence even this activity. So each year there is a colour scheme and for this year we chose teal and bronze/copper tones, which we can see everywhere this year, from fashion to interiors and product design.

We could have called it ‘foxy tree’ as we had no less than five different fox decorations. It could also have been a peacock tree since we used two or three peacock decorations as well. This years scheme was also partly a repeat of our woodland theme because we had so many forest animals in different shapes and guises. It could be said we’ve mixed some of our favourite schemes this year, which is very fitting since it is the end of an era in a way. My daughter is moving out of our family home and she will most likely be decorating her own Christmas tree next year. For this reason our little ritual, when we bond and joke, laugh and get terribly serious about the perfect balance of colour and lights on the tree, was even more enjoyable. And this is exactly what Christmas should be about. And if we create something visually pleasing at the same time that creates a great atmosphere in the home, even better.

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