Furniture Design

There are certain things that influence the way we approach our work in any particular time. At the moment, there are two things that influence my thinking. Firstly, the world around us is increasingly threatening and unsafe. Because of this we are looking for comfort in everything that surround us. And our home should be our sanctuary. This is the place to feel safe, relaxed and comfortable. Secondly, there is often a need while creating design scheme, to design bespoke pieces of furniture for aesthetic or functional reason. As a designer, one always think how things can be done in a better or just different way.

This was the reason to start thinking about a chair and a coffee table that would be extremely comfortable to use, tactile and aesthetically pleasing. The concept of  relax and retreat came to mind.

I  attempted to design the armchair according to Golden ratio as we consider anything based on this principle balanced and beautiful. To design a good chair is notoriously difficult task and I would need experience of  a furniture manufacturer and a prototype made to resolve all the details. The guiding idea was to feel snug sitting in it.

The coffee table design follows the same concept. Sitting comfortably with a drink and a favourite book or magazine means having everything within  reach , at the right height, without need to move.

I hope it won’t be too long before I can use these designs in one of my projects.

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