Old crafts, new trends

Like with everything in life, the trends in interior design come full circle from time to time. At the moment we see surge in using old crafts such as embroidery, carving, hand painted patterns and everything hand made. Increasingly we recycle and re-use old furniture and anything that would otherwise go into the skip some years ago. This is not a surprise considering uncertainty and fear we are surrounded in everyday life at the moment as people are looking for warmth and security of childhood memories and hopefulness of past decades.


We also seem to be tired of luxury as we know it and starting to see luxury for what it really is: not only expensive and opulent materials but exquisite craftsmanship, unique design and attention to detail.

I was lucky to find these qualities recently in a relatively young furniture company on my trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Drawing from a long woodworking tradition of this country, the company combines craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to produce solid wood pieces that are not only beautiful but with a high eco-credentials as well. Here are some of their award winning pieces.


MS&WOOD, Designer: Ado Avdagic

MS&WOOD, Designer: Natasha Perkovic

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